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When Late-Nite Went Political

At Higher Ground we’re trying to be relevant. We’re also trying to amuse, entertain, and every once in awhile go viral. The follow essay that appeared in The Columbia Journalism Review, is an inspiration.

We hope to elevate the conversation (thus our name) about legalization, pop-culture, breaking news and politics. Plenty of greats have show theway: Carson. Cavett. Conan. Paar. Letterman. Stewart. DeGeneres. Colbert. Maher. Now it’s time to make some history in our own right.

When Late-Night Went Political – an essay by Chris Ip


About Higher Ground

Higher Ground is the World’s first entertainment and news program highlighting the revolutionary cultural and political changes related to the legalization of marijuana. Imagine The Daily Show meets The Soup meets The Situation Room – just without that annoying Wolfe Blitzer fellow.

Coming to you from Ground Zero of the legalization movement – Seattle, Washington – Higher Ground will draw its satirical segments from the onslaught of pop-culture and real-news issues surrounding cannabis.

The producers of Higher Ground include the award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Michael A. Stusser (“Sleeping with Siri”), The Production Foundry’s Mark Goodnow, and long-time radio icon Marty Riemer.

Our program will be covering every pot-related story that comes down the pipe: whether it’s breaking political news on the legalization movement or medical marijuana, innovations in green products and services, or our favorite segment, Cooking with Cannabis. We’re not fair, we’re not balanced, and we’re not not even trying.

Join us, on Higher Ground. WE’RE ELEVATING THE DIALOGUE!