Up in Smoke ReMix: Cheech Gets Stoned in 2015

Journalist Michael Stusser (host of Higher Ground) pops into the passenger seat to discuss the new era of marijuana with Cheech Marin. The results are hilarious and surprisingly informative in this “Up in Smoke” Re-Mix. And don’t worry, the great Tommy Chong doesn’t get left out! Watch till the end for a special shout-out.

Vape Pens & the Future of Marijuana

The Oxford Dictionary named “Vape” 2014’s Word of the Year! Vape pens and vaporizers are now all the rage for marijuana use, and, while convenient, they make us a bit nervous….Here’s our exclusive report!

Marijuana Delivery Apps: Uber…for Weed!

They already deliver pizza, fresh produce, newspapers, even Bibles!
And now …WEED! Higher Ground reviews the latest marijuana delivery apps: Eaze, Canary, Grass G, and our fav – SpeedWeed! Ding Dong!

Cannabis-Infused Coffee? Talk About Buzzed!

We got our hands on some THC-infused coffee called Legal, and the stuff has us buzzing around the Higher Ground offices like nobody’s business! Here’s our exclusive review.

Don’t Be a LabRat Campaign: Just Say No

There’s a new ad campaign in Colorado that attempts to discourage teens from using marijuana. Called “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” – an ad agency spent $2million to put giant steel rat cages all over Denver. No – we’re not kidding.