Cannabis-Infused Coffee? Talk About Buzzed!

We got our hands on some THC-infused coffee called Legal, and the stuff has us buzzing around the Higher Ground offices like nobody’s business! Here’s our exclusive review.

Don’t Be a LabRat Campaign: Just Say No

There’s a new ad campaign in Colorado that attempts to discourage teens from using marijuana. Called “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” – an ad agency spent $2million to put giant steel rat cages all over Denver. No – we’re not kidding.


Presidential Candidate in Favor of Legalized Weed!

Gov. Gary Johnson (New Mexico, 1995-2005) is not only the highest-ranking Presidential candidate to ever come out in favor of the legalization of marijuana, he’s also CEO of a new company called Cannabis Sativa Inc. The ex-governor has a refreshing conversation with Higher Ground host Michael Stusser about the benefits of gangja, his bold predictions for the future, and a new way to get….Hi!

Exclusive Video of Maureen Dowd …STONED!

Higher Ground has obtained exclusive footage of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd chowing marijuana brownies. It’s not pretty.


There’s a new group of business people capitalizing on the legalization of marijuana: Ganjapreneurs! We give you the inside scoop on the cannabis capitalists!

Senator Caught Buying Weed!

The investigative reporters at Higher Ground caught State Senator buying a bag of marijuana red-handed – capturing the entire event on tape!

This was no Mayor Rob Ford scandal – instead, State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, who has been instrumental in crafting medical marijuana legislation since 1995, was one of the first customers to legally purchase pot at a recreational store today.

Check out some of the first day’s less scandalous coverage here:



And, most importantly, my post on The Good Men Project

Dogs and Weed

More dogs than ever are getting high on marijuana! This PSA is a must-see for every pet-lover within a stones throw of a stoner!

Obama Banking Rules

The Obama administration just issued new guidelines to folks in the weed business; perhaps he should issue some guidelines to a few other businesses while he’s at it….

Colorado Rockies

Fans attending Colorado Rockies games will be able to purchase items chock-full of marijuana at concessions stands this season! While this story turned out to be a hoax, we here at Higher Ground felt the need to comment on it anyway.

Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown had some surprising things to say about his State legalizing marijuana. And we had some surprising things to say back!