Marijuana.com Features Higher Ground Hot-Boxing Editorial

Our good friends at marijuana.com just highlighted our video on Hot Boxing. Thanks for the shout-out, we very much appreciate it!


Holiday Gift Guide for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Live from the GreenPole, Higher Ground hit the Hot Pot Product Bazaar for the High Holidays! Check out the greatest gifts on Earth for cannabis connoisseurs! And if you’re lucky, Sativa Santa will pay you a visit this year! (Make sure to leave him milk and cookies…) Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and MJBA (Marijuana Business Association)!


Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes

The Vape Co.

Farmer Tom


Clear Choice Cannabis

JuJu Joints



Cannabis Basics

Seattle Hempfest

Snoop Dog GPen

I Love Cannabis & Coffee

Dope Magazine



Marijuana Delivery Apps: Uber…for Weed!

They already deliver pizza, fresh produce, newspapers, even Bibles!
And now …WEED! Higher Ground reviews the latest marijuana delivery apps: Eaze, Canary, Grass G, and our fav – SpeedWeed! Ding Dong!

High Maintenance: On Our Watch List

We’ve been huge fans of the webisode series, High Maintenance, about a weed delivery man in New York. We’re happy to announce they’ve made a deal with Vimeo for future episodes. While you’ll have to pay for the show, we’re happy to support artists – especially when they’re this wonderful. Here’s a freebie. Now go order the rest.

High Maintenance // Stevie from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo.

When Late-Nite Went Political

At Higher Ground we’re trying to be relevant. We’re also trying to amuse, entertain, and every once in awhile go viral. The follow essay that appeared in The Columbia Journalism Review, is an inspiration.

We hope to elevate the conversation (thus our name) about legalization, pop-culture, breaking news and politics. Plenty of greats have show theway: Carson. Cavett. Conan. Paar. Letterman. Stewart. DeGeneres. Colbert. Maher. Now it’s time to make some history in our own right.

When Late-Night Went Political – an essay by Chris Ip


We’re Not Above Taking Hippie Quizzes!

Are BuzzFeed Quizzes overdone? Yes? Are they fun? Yes? Have we taken them? Let’s just say that if Higher Ground had a hippie name, it would be Breeze!

How much of a hippie are you?

What is your hippie name?

The History of Marijuana in 4 Minutes and 20 Seconds

When we see something fantastic, we either steal it, or share it. In this case…too good to steal. Educational, humorous, and historically accurate! The Tri-Fecta! And the narrator’s voice is off-the-hook! Great stuff!

Robin Williams: Simply the Best

The great Robin Williams suffered from addiction and depression – no laughing matter – but also found humor in marijuana’s effects. We’ve posted a few of his hilarious routines on the subject below. On a serious note, if you know anyone suffering from addiction or depression, and see signs they are in trouble, talk to friends and family about getting them the help they need.


No One Nails the Pot vs. Booze Debate Better Than The Daily Show

We’re not gonna lie: This segment about how booze is glorified while pot is ridiculed is the best damn thing ever. And we’re jealous. But not so jealous we’re going to hide it away in a closet under your old sweaters from the 90s so no one can see it. Damn you, Jon Stewart. (And thank you.)


 The makers of a game called Weed Firm says Apple removed the app from the iTunes App Store this week after hitting No. 1 on the stores download charts. What are they, high!? Our crop was just about to come in!